Thursday, 19 July 2012

Hello everyone..Welcome to my blog..Well i am very new to this blogging world inspite of been a regular internet surfer..As my impression about blogging was limited to ppl posting their day to day activities or celebrities updating theirs :-)...but little did i know about the "Craft World" out here until i recently came across some really creative blogs of so very talented ppl out here...and i felt to join in :-) So thought to give it a try...
Well i am just one of u who is an art n craft enthusiast n its been my hobby since my childhood...I have keen interest in any kind of art n it cardmaking..paper craft..paintings i.e glass..fabric..oil painting..etc..
Right now am trying to figure out about blogging..once i get the hang of it i shall click pics of my crafts or make some n share with u all...Thanks for dropping by..